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How much does it cost to rent an office in Tashkent


As the number of commercial firms, various non-governmental structures and other organizations increases, the rental of the office in Tashkent becomes more and more urgent. According to the State Statistics committee of the republic, in 2019, about 70,000 companies were registered in the capital, each fifth of which was new!

Where to find the office in Tashkent, and what nuances should be taken into account when choosing the office space? We will talk about this in our brief review.

Optimal rent options

In Tashkent, there are two ways of renting: conducting direct transactions with tenants or concluding contracts through intermediaries in the form of real estate agencies or private realtors. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: thus, in the first case, the probability of renting an office at a low price increases significantly, but the client has to deal with the inevitable paper bureaucracy himself. Having the help of the intermediary office, the customer assigns the solution of all legal issues, and as result the security of the transaction as a whole, to them. And for this you need to pay extra money.

Practice shows that both of these options are of approximately the same popularity. At the same time, when renting an office, for example, in a business center in one of the prestigious districts of the city, customers prefer convenience and security - the status of customers here is higher.

How much does it cost to rent an office in Tashkent

The average cost of the office space varies between 4-5 and 15-16 USD per square meter, which in a monthly section approaches to the mark of 2,5 thousand USD with an average area of less than 300 square meters.

The price of office rent in new buildings which stands separately from the others is significantly higher: for example, for ten or more rooms in a prestigious area, clients are ready to pay up to 7-22 thousand USD per month. This option is suitable for large companies with a leading position in the market. The price range ranges from 33 thousand soums ($4) to 133 thousand ($16) per square meter. The most expensive were the new buildings standing separately with 10 or more rooms which worth from 58 million to 183 million soums ($7−22 thousand) per month.

Districts where you can often find offers for hire are Mirzo-Ulugbek, Yunusabad, Mirabad. If saving money comes in the first place for you than you will have to search for office space in Yakkasaray and the same Mirabad districts. There are many offers on the first floors of residential buildings - these spaces were once used for apartments. Two or three rooms, renovated kitchen and bathroom is an ideal option for small offices!

The cost of the office in Tashkent is also influenced by such factors as:

  • Infrastructure availability;
  • Architectural features of buildings which includes floors, parking, underground garages;
  • A quality of the area's landscaping;
  • Other factors.

In all of these cases, renting spaces and offices, also in business centers in modern Tashkent in accordance with its own budgetary possibilities is not so difficult.
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