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Why is it profitable to rent an office in business centers


Each business owner once faces the question: “What to choose: a separate office or premises in a comfortable business center?”. In recent years, business centers have become increasingly popular due to their undeniable advantages.


Premises in business centers are steadily gaining popularity, and it's hard to argue with that. Entrepreneurs highlight several advantages of such offices that deserve special attention. It concerns:
• infrastructure;
• profitability;
• a large assortment of offers;
• presentable appearance;
• excellent transport and walking accessibility.

Rental of premises in one of the business centers allows you to maintain a certain image of the company. For potential customers, this factor can be decisive when choosing a contractor or supplier of goods and services. The infrastructure of any modern business center is at a high level. The tenant receives at his disposal an office, and can also use the conference room, a room for various events. In most cases, banks, notaries, cafes, and offices of enterprises in related fields are located next to the tenant. Once in the business center, the client can solve several of his problems at once, so he prefers to visit just such buildings. In addition, the business center has a specially equipped car parking.

Renting an office in a business center is always economical. It is not at all necessary to connect a real estate agency to the search for suitable premises. It is enough to contact the administration of the building and discuss the possibility of providing an office for rent. To coordinate various issues, intermediaries are not required, which means that there is no need to pay a commission.

Of all the free spaces, an entrepreneur can choose an office that meets his requirements. For example, with or without a meeting room, with several rooms or one common room, with high traffic on the ground floor of the building or with less traffic - on the top. Depending on this, the rental rate will be calculated.

Lease of premises Tashkent or a suburb always starts with the selection of a suitable building category. For example, objects of category "A", as a rule, are located in the central part of the city, have a landscaped area, their own parking and exit to a convenient transport interchange. Category “B” includes business centers that have the same service, but have been in operation for more than five years and have a lower rental rate.