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Which one to choose: open space or standard office?


A huge part of the staff of every modern company works in the office. There are workspaces of many different jobs here.

Open Space
Nowadays open space office rentals are very common. This layout preserves maximum space, as there are no partitions between lower and middle managers. Top managers, in turn, occupy separate offices. Closed conference rooms are also provided.

It is even possible to rent spaces for an office with a separate lounge zone. Such objects are especially valuable.

It is generally believed that an open space office in Tashkent has a number of advantages over a room with a standard office layout. All people performing similar functions are in the same space and can interact to achieve certain strategic goals.


So, what are the advantages of renting open space offices? First of all, the cost of maintaining office space is reduced. The size of the site is smaller than the standard layout, so the rental rate is lower. Other things being equal, experienced staff and newcomers may be present in the same area. This makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of training and the performance of certain work operations.

Open Space is:

  • simple layout and easy reconfiguration;
  • the convenience of interaction between staff without constant movement through offices;
  • unify space design according to corporate style.


And yet, many of Tashkent’s business centers maintain their usual office plans. Like any other facility, an open space office has certain disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing an appropriate option. The main challenge faced by managers is to reduce staff productivity because of negative psychological attitudes.

Imagine that part of the staff was working remotely at home, and then they were transferred to Open Space. This was the practice, for example, of Chris Nagele, who decided to revise the principles of organizing processes in his small company. Once in the same room, employees complained. This had a negative impact on the company’s profits. After three years of unsuccessful attempts, Chris found another, more spacious room with separate offices.

Focus on work objectives

While visiting the international business center of Tashkent, you will notice that the office system still prevails here. Researchers argue that in open offices, employees cannot concentrate on their tasks. This inevitably reduces the productivity and profits of the company.

Long hours in Open Space negatively affect memory. To avoid such consequences, modern facilities have a separate conference hall and staff lounge.

It should also be remembered that employees have a lot of distractions. Approximately 17% of their working time is spent on conversations with colleagues and other extraneous matters.

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