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What to pay attention to when looking for office space


We offer several advices to administrators when renting office premises in the capital of Uzbekistan.

First of all, define the opportunities of the budget. In the small center of Tashkent prices are growing much faster, that’s why companies-debutants are better to start from less prestigious areas.

Check the number of required employees. Calculate the office space, and do it with the prospect for the next six months. So if in a few months you have to increase the states you will avoid: a small reserve will be nice! The average standard for one workplace is 10 square meters, but these parameters change depending on the sphere of activity of your company. If the company is engaged in production, the optimal option will be the proximity of the office to warehouses or workshops. Choose the location of the office to make it easy for most employees and customers to reach.

It is important to understand how long you are going to rent square meters. If you only start your own business, the maximum period should not exceed one year.

The fifth point is the search for office. If you rely on yourself, you can lose 2-3 months and incur financial losses. By applying to the help of intermediary firms it is possible to win both in time and the received service.

The average cost of offices rent in Tashkent

As of the beginning of 2020, it was possible to rent office in Tashkent for 82,000 soums (about 8.5 $) per square meter. It is about 1.5% higher than in December 2019. About the total area of rented commercial spaces, today it amounts to 220 square meters in Tashkent. Around the country, the construction of business centers, designed for small and medium-sized firms, is constantly increasing. The exception was the “Mercury” business center, where you can rent any space for the office at the most advantageous price.

Important advice for beginning entrepreneurs: before signing the rent agreement, do re-read all the points of the contract and the rest of the necessary documentation, including the cadastral passport. Often, a difference of only a few square meters in favor of unscrupulous landlords leads to significant losses for entrepreneurs for a year.
Conclusion. Our “Mercury” Business Center is the problem solution! Please contact us personally or call (99) 829-40-00 in order to rent the best offices for an affordable price.