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Rent a Conference Room in business center "Mercury"


Strengthening business ties is a task that modern enterprises solve in different ways. Nevertheless, they are unanimous in their opinion that in order to reach new agreements with partners and clients, it is necessary to conduct events such as conferences, business meetings, and seminars. Renting a conference room in the Mercury business center will allow you to hold high-level business meetings.

The conference room in the Mercury business center is a business space, the construction of which uses the latest technology. In the hall with 60 seats you can negotiate and arrange meetings with the press, as well as organize working meetings with your team.

The creators of the conference room at Mercury had a difficult task. They sought to provide visitors with all the conditions for high-quality presentations of various sizes, seminars and trainings. In addition to the sound amplification system, a 4K projector with an interactive screen was used in the business space. This allows you to best convey information to students and clearly demonstrate the merits of the offered goods or services.

Mercury Business Center offers for rent a comfortable conference room in the center of Tashkent. The room, equipped in accordance with the technical requirements of the international level, is intended for meetings of various levels and formats. In addition to using the latest equipment to equip a business space, the new project boasts:
• high-quality soundproofing;
• the presence of convenient access roads and ample car parking;
• universality.

The success of each business event is largely determined by the choice of venue for meeting participants. Mercury will provide all visitors with maximum comfort and help make negotiations more productive.
Where to order?

In search of the best conference room in Tashkent, contact our company. We will offer to use the services of renting the best business site in the city on the most favorable terms. The optimal cost of renting a room eliminates unjustified costs and more rationally spends the company's budget, which is especially important at the initial stages of establishing a business.

At your disposal we transfer a modern conference room in Tashkent, which has an original interior and is equipped with all necessary equipment. We maintain a comfortable and pleasant business atmosphere so that your negotiations are successful. A business meeting held at Mercury will be effective.

Contact us for professional help in renting a conference room to give a new impetus to the development of your business, quickly succeed and leave all competitors far behind.